Agenda Builder: Adding Header Media, Q&A Integration, and Resources

Ensure event details and tracks under the "Settings" tab have been correctly indicated before starting this process. Any changes to details later might affect the content visibility for the user. 

  • Create all sessions throughout the event (input all session details) 
  • Click on the agenda session to embed video content 

Header Media 

Select your preferred platform and insert the video ID. 

* ONLY Zoom, Youtube, Vimeo, IBM Video Streaming, and Bluejeans are currently integrated into our system. 


  • Only for Zoom web links without password access, please just indicate "1234" to allow instant access. 
  • Make sure to remove any white space in between the ID

If you are using another media outside what Jublia provided, choose Others and read the guide on how to embed the media into Jublia or you can read more details here.

Q&A Integration

Enter an embed code in your session. 


  1. Select Link as the type of resource
  2. Add a name for it
  3. Insert the URL  

  1. Select PDF as the type of resource
  2. Add a name for it
  3. Click on "Choose File" and select the PDF you want to add to that session

If you want to add more than one resource click on "Add new". 

Don't forget to save by clicking on "Add Resources"

If you want to read related information, here are some suggested reads: 

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