Agenda Builder: Builder

Session Creation 

Adding agenda sessions to your event will bring a digitally inclusive experience, especially for your virtual attendees.

1. Add a session by clicking on an empty grid timeslot in the builder to load the below 

2. Enter the Session details.

3. Click ‘Save’ then add the speaker in the box next to the session details.

Note: Speakers must already be added and saved 

Session Publishing

1. Header Image: Click on "Choose File" to add an image to be added to that session. Check required image specifications and sizes. Click "Save".

2. Add the media for the session below the session details. Read more to add the media here.

3. Once the media information is filled, tick the box "Tick to publish" above the session detail, in order to publish the session and people can see it in the agenda menu.

Remove Speaker from session

1. To remove a speaker from the session, find the session in the Builder 

2. Click “Remove speaker”

Remove Session

1. Find the session in the Builder 

2. Click “Delete Session”. Note that session deletion is irreversible.

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