Agenda Builder: Settings

Settings help you configure the dates and tracks before accessing the Builder to create agenda sessions and Speakers to manage who's speaking at your event. Quality content is invaluable to event attendees , particularly in virtual events.

To start viewing the Agenda builder, you can open it in two ways:

  1. In your SENSE home page, click Launchpad > Build Agenda Session > Agenda Builder
  2. On the left section of the screen, click Manage (magic wand symbol) > Agenda Builder

The first thing you need to set is the Track. Think of Track as "streams" of sessions where you can classify the sessions into different categories.

Track Management 

  1. Click 'Add Date'
  2. On the newly created section, put the name of the track
  3. Specify which group can see the particular track
  4. Click Save Track
  5. Click 'Add a track' to make additional track in the same date, or click 'Add Date' again to create track for different date
  6. You can also remove/delete a saved track by click the red button on the right. Please be noted that this action is irreversible

In the Track section, you can also see On Demand button, allowing you to create on-demand track available for the participants. By clicking "Tick to enable On-demand agenda", you can build the track similarly to the Sessions page.

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