Email Courier: Managing Engagement Emails

Email Courier: Managing Engagement Emails

How to Manage Engagement Emails 


1. Select if you want to send the email to: All, New, or Existing (All - New)

2. Select your target group (You can also select "All groups")

3. Select your email target type depending on the strategy and objective of the email 

4. Enter the subject

5. Enter the body of your email 


  • Select groups from the drop-down options to segregate communication

Editing HTML Template emails 

  1. Choose the HTML type you want to edit.
  2. Click "Edit Template"
  3. Make the necessary changes 
  4. Choose the language if your event is using multi-languages

**Note: When sending different templates to different groups, edits should be only made once all the emails have been sent out for the first group (e.g. Template 1 to Group 2 sent at 9am, Re-edit 30mins later with Template 2 for Group 2, etc.)

You can preview the email: 

1. Select "Single (testing only)" in the "Send to:" section

Scheduling Emails

  1. Email can be sent immediately or scheduled ahead of time 
  2. Once the sending parameters have been set (groups & email type)
  3. Click on "Send Later (once)" 
  4. Sent time and date
  5. Click "Send"
  6. Email has been scheduled  
  7. For HTML emails you can select "Send later (weekly)" if you want that mail to be sent week by week

Editing Scheduled Emails 

  1. Click on the Scheduled tab
  2. Click on edit to reset the time and date of the email or click on Delete if you want to delete the scheduled emails

Last Mile Schedule Modification:

  • Have full control to reschedule or delete scheduled emails from last mile process
  • Update design and wording informations of scheduled email and email log page

Communication logs 

All engagement emails sent through Jublia can be viewed on "Logs"

  • Time and date - Sender - Group/s Selected - Email Type and Open Rate

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