CRM: View individual attendee’s account

View Individual Attendee’s account

Manage profiles easily and communicate with them effectively using well-organized personal activity data at your fingertips.

Type in the attendee’s name or email address, or the company’s name or the ID to search for their account


  • Account Profile which is editable if necessary to change any information
  • Login Detail. It will be auto-hidden and to show the passcode or QR code simply click on the Show button
  • Account status: whether they have logged in and whether they have confirmed their time availability
  • Account status on the platform: eg. if they are an active participant or not attending the event


  • View the attendee’s received/sent meeting requests and their confirmed meetings
  • View the attendee's traffic which is the impression and views of the account
  • View the conversation analysis which will show the account's meetings detail such as Onsite Meeting, Virtual Meeting, Request Received, Sent, etc
  • Communication that been sent out to the particular account
  • Account's activity which will record of login activity

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