CRM: Company View

Company View

The Company View feature allows you to review and edit company profiles on the platform. This feature enables you to ensure that the information displayed for each company is accurate and up-to-date. It is a valuable tool for maintaining a professional and organized presentation of your company information.

In Sense, please go to: Tools > CRM > Company and then type in the company's name to open its profile. Once the profile is opened, you will be able to:

1. Upload the company's banner: 1200px*150px (1MB max)

2. Upload the company's logo: 250px*250px (1MB max)

3. Update the Company profile

4. Analytics of Traffic and Conversation

5. List of people inside the company

Additionally, when clicking on "Edit Profile" you will be able to edit the company's profile: (i) company's name, (ii) max request, (iii) max meeting

To see the list of people under the company, click on the People tab section.

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