Map Setup: Quick and Easy Guide

Transform your standard floorplan images into dynamic, interactive maps for seamless event navigation. With this feature, attendees can effortlessly navigate through your event. Customize your maps to suit your preferences, assign booths to specific companies, and link agendas to specific stages. Bid farewell to the days of getting lost in large events—welcome to a new era of navigation!

Floorplan Image(s) Specification

Total Corners 3 - 6 
Sizes of Areas/Booths 100px - 0.1 * image size
Width to Height ratio/ Height to Width 1:10
Box angle allowed 88 - 92 degrees (with a tolerance of 90 degrees ± 2)
Area Naming Each area should contain the necessary texts.
Image Format 2d flat

Examples of best practices:

Upload images to AI Maps Cartography (Static floor plan)

  1. Click the green “Add Map” button to upload the floor plan to the platform. Please upload the image in the format of png, jpg, or jpeg.

  1. Name the map according to the name of the area.
  2. Ensure that it is adhering to the specifications, 300MP resolution with a 30MB maximum file size.

    Once the map appears on the page, it has successfully been uploaded! And your static map is good to go!

Converting the images to an interactive map

  1. Select the map type that suits your needs:
    1. Single Hall Map: Choose this option when you have only one map for your event.
    2. Venue Map: Choose this option when your event takes place in a single venue with multiple maps.
  2. Click on the green "Convert" button on the bottom of the page and our system will start to convert your floorplan image to an AI Map.
  3. Once your map is ready, you will see the message: “Voilà, conversion complete!”


Self Serve

With self-serve, users are in full control of their AI Maps configuration. To read more about the process of self serve, click here.

Maps Managed

With maps managed, the AI Maps would be handled by the Jublia team. For further details, talk to our solution specialist.

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