Native App Hub: App Notifications

App Notifications are concise messages that appear on a user's mobile screen, conveying important information like meeting schedules, reminders, promotions, and more. When you enable Native App functionality, you unlock the ability to customize notifications for specific events. This ensures your audience receives the most relevant and timely information, enhancing their overall engagement.

To get to this tool, please refer to these steps below:

  1. After logging in to Sense, go to Tools 
  2. Click App Notifications

Upon entering, you will be directed to the App Notifications page, revealing three menus: Sender, Scheduled, and Logs.

  1. Target: Select your intended groups to receive notifications, you can choose All Groups or specific groups
  2. Title: Put the title of the notification in a brief copy of maximum 70 characters
  3. Content: Put the content of the notification in a copy of maximum 200 characters
  4. Redirect URL: Redirect your user to an external URL
  5. Send time:
    1. Immediate: Send a text to a select group of attendees immediately
    2. Send Later: Schedule your text to a particular group of attendees at a specific time throughout the event

If you send your app notifications using the Send Later feature, you will see all the scheduled notifications to be sent in the Scheduled tab.

All the sent notifications will be recorded in the Logs tab, where you can see the detailed history of communications via app notifications.

Push Notification for Preview Account

Send a push notification exclusively to the preview account in the App Notifications page. To preview how the push notification will appear, follow these steps:

1. Compose your test content.

2. Click on the orange "Send To Preview Mode Accounts" button.

Refer to the screenshot below for guidance:

Note: Send to preview account only enable if send immediate.

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