Native App Hub: General Assets

In this section, you have the ability to customize various aspects of your app to provide the best experience for your attendees. This includes the app's appearance, menus, and important information.

Event Details

  1. Access Mode:

    Choose from three options: Public & Private, Public Only, or Private Only:

    Note: Business Matching is unavailable on Public Access as it requires a user login.

  2. Event Icon:

  1. Color Theme: Choose the primary color theme for your app.

Note: Don't forget to click on the green "Save" button after making any changes.

Welcome Tour

  1. Onboarding banner: This banner will be prominently displayed on the Welcome Tour's Landing page. Ensure that you upload an image that meets the specified requirements.

Home Page

Navigate to the Home page menu, where you'll find the settings in the left section and the real-time simulator in the right section. This allows you to construct your app's user interface and instantly preview how it will appear on the front end.

  1. Home Page Banner: This image serves as the header of the Home Page
  2. Menu Builder: In this section, construct the app's menu content of your event
    1. Layout: Choose between a Grid or List Layout
    2. Add Menu: Insert a menu item.
    3. Menu Asset: Choose whether the menu will be Icon or Image type and make sure to upload in RGB format to avoid color shifts.
    4. Menu Name: Provide a name for the menu item.
    5. Icon Type: Decide whether to use a standard icon or upload your own. You can also add a "Image Configuration" This asset is used as the menu image.
    6. Link or Feature: Indicate whether the menu item should link to an external URL or an app feature.
      1. Link: add your URL and then click "Save"

      2. Feature: select from various options and then click  "Save"

        • Agenda: Access the event's agenda. Advanced filters are available for customized sorting.
        • Directory: Explore the event's directory, which can be filtered based on groups or attributes.
        • Speaker: View a list of event speakers.
        • Business Matching: Engage in business matching activities, including searching and sending meeting requests.
        • Floorplan: Access the event venue's floorplan for on-site events
        • About: The page that will show event description and information
        • Product: Access the list of available products

The preview below is a live simulator of the Home Page as shown on the App

About Page

  1. Page Description: Describe the content on this page.
  2. Section Builder: Add links to specific pages on your event website for attendees to access unique event information.

The preview below is a live simulator of the About page as shown on the App. Remember to 'save' your changes below to reflect them on the App

Remember to save your changes to reflect them in the app. Any updates made here will be immediately visible to your app users. If you don't see the changes, please restart or refresh the app on your mobile device.

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