Meeting Attendance (Scan, Sense, Rate)

Facilitate each meeting scheduled, be it online or offline, down to the finest details.

There are different ways to know if a meeting has taken place via Sense, Scan, and Rate

Toggle to Manage > Meeting Manager to view all meetings at the designated meeting schedule. 

Click on 'Open Onsite Display' to present upcoming meetings to attendees 

To see all attendees' timetables, you can choose if your event is a combination of Onsite and Virtual. Note: Pending is when the attendee has not yet confirmed their time availability.

Print the schedules within each group, click on Print Group button.

Sense: Manual Check-in

One way to track show up rate of the onsite meeting: You might need to manually check in the meeting by your on-site team. Choose the date and time of the meeting, and tick the check-in box of the person.


Utilize Scan for Meeting attendance

It is possible to know if a meeting took place between two people once one scans the other using the Scan Function. This can be seen from Sense under

  • Click on “Tools” under the menu bar on Sense
  • Click on “CRM”
  • Search for profile under the “People” tab
  • Click the “Conversations” tab
  • Click the “Onsite Meetings” tab

Meeting Attendance Rate

Once the time of a meeting is over, users are going to be able to rate it by rating it with stars from 1 to 5. In case the meeting has both ratings or at least 1, it means that the meeting was held successfully. 

This can be seen from sense under 

  • Tools
  • CRM
  • Search for profile
  • Conversations tab
  • Onsite Meetings tab

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