Meeting Manager: Add Meetings (Virtual/Onsite)

Meetings interactions can be monitored on this page dashboard

Create new meetings 

Enter virtual meeting room as admin

Monitor live meeting attendance  

Create New Meetings 

You may assist users by setting up meetings on their behalf with the steps below

  • On Meeting Manager, click "Add meeting"
  • Enter by name, email, or company for each field: Initiator and Recipient
  • Click "Start Setup"
  • You will be presented with several options based on the meeting format available in your event
  • Choose a specific time slot for structured meeting be it onsite or virtual meetings. If the meeting is unstructured or via message chat only, you can directly add optional meeting messages
  • Click "Confirm Meeting"

  • Alternatively, you can select the date and time slot on the Manage Meetings and click "Add meeting at this timeslot". Remember to pick the right event format if your event is combination of Virtual and Onsite.

Enter Virtual Meeting Room as Admin

For live events, organizers can enter the virtual meeting room to either support any technical issues or speak to users already waiting in the virtual room.

  • Click on Join Call as Admin
  • Grant video and audio permission 
  • Enter virtual room

Monitor Live Meeting Attendance

The system will automatically log an entry once a party enters the meeting room 

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