Datasync: Managing Your Database

In this guide, we will cover various aspects of Datasync, a powerful tool for managing your database efficiently. Whether you need to access your data, upload new information, or manually sync your database, we've got you covered.

Accessing Datasync

To access DataSync, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Tools > Datasync in our platform.

  2. To gain access to the database (Google Sheets), start by adding your email. Click on the '+person' button and then hit 'Save.'

  3. You will receive an email invitation to access the Google Sheet. You can either use the link provided in the email or click on the "Access Database" button within Sense.

Important Note: Avoid adding attendee emails, as this action would grant them access to your entire database.

Self-Service Data Uploading

Adding data to the database is a straightforward process with Datasync. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Always add new entries below existing data.
  • Input data starting from the "Email" column (Column F) onwards.
  • Any changes or additions to the Sync Status (Column A) will be marked as "NOT SYNCED."
  • Essential data includes Email (Column F), Full Name (Column G), and Company (Column H).
  • You can leave columns such as Company URL (J) and Company Description (K) blank if no data is available. These fields can be auto-filled by our scraper.

Please Do Not:

  • Modify data in Columns A to E, as these contain sensitive information and are automatically populated.
  • Add, remove, sort, or filter rows or columns.
  • Add comments to the database.
  • Alter login passcodes and IDs (Columns B & C), as this information is sensitive.
  • Rearrange columns or rows within the database.


Datasync supports four types of attributes:

  1. People: These are general attributes, typically displayed as basic values, such as in dropdown menus or within individual profiles.

  2. Product: Applicable when the event includes Match Pro for specific groups, displayed as dropdown options in the Products tab.

  3. Interest: Categories that indicate preference data, such as "Looking for," "Countries of interest," and "Product interests."

  4. Special Attributes: These include features like adding images to profiles on the directory's landing page (SPECIAL_LOGO_ON_DIRECTORY_LIST) and associating attendees from the same company for activating the company view feature (SPECIAL_COMPANY_IDENTIFIER).

Learn more about Match Pro and its advanced features here.

Manual Database Syncing

Sync Database is a valuable feature that allows you to synchronize your database efficiently. Follow these steps for manual database syncing:

  1. Specify the range of row numbers for the newly added data.
  2. Click "Sync Database." Avoid making any changes to the database during the syncing process.
  3. Once the sync is complete, Sense will confirm its success. By default, the system will automatically send invitation emails after a successful sync, although you can customize this setting.

Post-Sync Database:

  • Newly added or edited data will display as "SYNCED" in Column A.
  • Each user will have their ID and passcodes generated in Columns B and C, respectively.

With Datasync, managing your database has never been more efficient and user-friendly. Explore its capabilities to streamline your event management tasks.

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