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SENSE is our backend platform, providing a central dashboard to manage your event platform. Enhance the platform, monitor performance, manage meetings, upload data, and perform statistical analysis.

To start your journey to manage your event platform, please click the following link:

Use the email and password provided by our representative to log in. If you need more team members to access SENSE, please inform our Jublia representative.

SENSE consists of six phases aligned with your event timeline to ensure optimal platform outcomes:

  1. Create: Set up all the necessary details to prepare your platform.
  2. Launchpad: Perform essential checks before the event takes off.
  3. Engagement: Start boosting platform performance.
  4. Last Mile: Increase efforts in meeting conversion and content awareness before the event.
  5. During Event: Facilitate real-time event management and analytics.
  6. Post Event: Gain insights into audience behaviors and sentiments through comprehensive analytics for complete engagement analysis.

Click the green button below on your dashboard page to view your complete journey at a glance:

If you have any questions, simply click on "Learn More":

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