Scan Manager

How to set up

To start setting up the Scan feature for your event:

  1. To activate the Scan feature, your event should opt-in for Native App and have a MATCH Pro account.
  2. Go to Manage > Scan Manage.
  3. After activating the Scan feature, start setting up the Scan access for your Exhibitor: On Settings, select the groups that can use the Scan feature. All groups with MATCH Pro accounts will be available to select from the list.
  4. All the selected groups will be shown inside the selected list.

How to enable your Exhibitors to download your data

There are 2 roles available for the Scan feature:

  1. Admin role: have the ability to Scan and Export the report directly from the App
  2. Staff role: only have the ability to Scan from the App.

To enable/disable the Admin role: 

  1. Go to Tools > CRM, navigate to the Company tab
  2. Search the company name > select the company you want to edit
  3. Go to the People tab > toggle the Admin/Staff button
  4. Admin role will be able to see an “Export” button inside the App

How to define which data to be shared and collected during scans

You can select all the information provided on the Report for the Exhibitor.

  • On Data Export Matrix, there will be 2 sections available to select the data to be shown a) Contact data and b) Additional attributes data
  • Contact data will consist of “Email” and “Phone Number”.
  • Additional attribute data will include all additional registration information under the user profile. You can tick/untick to select the information that will be provided in the report
  • Click Save

How to download the Company Report

  • Go to Tools > CRM, navigate to the Company tab
  • Search the company name > select the company you would like to get the report from.
  • Navigate to the Analytics tab
  • Go to Scan tab > click Download CSV
  • The report will be sent to your email

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