Traffic Analysis

Jublia aims to create a complete analytics journey for organizers through a story-telling approach.

Traffic analysis is about understanding what your audiences are looking at and taking interest in, across impressions and views data of People, Companies, and Products (if only you avail the features of Company profile and products). 

  1. Choose which traffic you are interested to see. However, Company and Products will show zero result if you do not avail these features to your event.
  2. There is a dropdown to specify the data based on groups' data in your event
  3. Impressions are about the number of the appearance of the data in your event
  4. Impressions detail information consists of Asset, Organic, Recommendation and Search. Asset is only for Company Impressions.
    1. Asset: Number of company appearances throughout the banners media, such as header banners and in-between banners. 
    2. Organic: Number of appearances in the Search menu list without any searching activity involved. 
    3. Recommendations: Number of appearances in any recommendation list such as For You page
    4. Search: Number of appearances from the result of searching activities whether using keywords and/or dropdown filter.
  5. Views are about the number of viewing actions to the data, such as People views are about an attendee viewing another attendee's profile.
  6. Download CSV: The report is about views whether it is People, Companies, or Products. Before you export the CSV, you can add the attribute(s) that is available in your event for your CSV report.

There is also the graph of Views where you can set the date duration if wanting to have a specific date.

The data breakdown can be found below the graph. The data depends on the selection such as People, Company and Product, Groups, Impressions, or Views

  • Impressions data will calculate the Conversion Ratio (Impression to Views)
  • Views data will calculate the Conversion Ratio (Views to Requests)

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