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Presenting your app effectively is akin to rolling out the welcome mat for your potential users.

Please fill up the below mandatory information required for Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Any changes on this page require the app to be re-published which is a manual process and can take up to 5 days.

Store Config

  1. App Name (Maximum 30 characters): The app name is your first impression. Make it concise and captivating, reflecting your app's essence.
  2. Short Description (Maximum 80 characters): Craft a succinct description that grabs attention and communicates your app's core value.
  3. Long Description (Maximum 4000 characters): Here's your canvas to paint the full picture. Detail features, benefits, and what sets your app apart.
  4. Keywords - Aid users in identifying your app: Select keywords that align with your app's purpose, making it discoverable amidst the vast app ecosystem.

App Icon 

  1. This is the icon that will display on attendees' phones.

Splash Screen

  1. Only the area within the outlined region will be visible in Portrait mode: Think of this as your app's front door. Keep it tidy, welcoming, and centered.
  2. For optimal results, the splash screen artwork should generally fit within a square (2732 pixels by 2732 pixels) at the image's center: Make sure your welcome mat fits comfortably within the frame.

Please consider how this image will appear on a Portrait display.

Header Graphic

This image is utilized at the top of the page. Please ensure the image size remains below 5MB to avoid unnecessary bloat in the App's size. Keeping the image size minimal is recommended.

After completing all the required information for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, click the green "Proceed" button.

By following these guidelines, you pave the way for a captivating and engaging user experience. So, let's seize this opportunity to optimize your app's listing and ensure it stands out in the crowd.

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